Pitch & Roll
finding ideas that can take flight


lessons learned

Stop overthinking and just hit "publish"

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Design a logo
  3. Buy a website domain
  4. Set up a wordpress website
  5. Stare at the computer
  6. Delete the wordpress website
  7. Set up a squarespace website
  8. Refine the logo
  9. Publish a blog post
  10. Stare at the computer
  11. Unpublish the blog post
  12. Refine the website design
  13. Publish a new blog post
  14. Think about launching the website
  15. Stare at the computer

I’ll be honest, I’ve been setting up this project for months and I’m terrified to actually share it with the word. I’ve been waiting to promote it because I’m afraid that the project isn’t ready. I’m afraid I’m not ready. But I have a strong suspicion that I’m not the only designer to feel this way about a project—I think most designers have trouble feeling like work is ever “ready” or “finished”. 

This post is the first in an ongoing project called Pitch & Roll. Over the next few months, I'll be exploring different ways that design students can get over the fear of of perfection and just put ideas into the world. I'll be conducting interviews, doing research, and writing about my own experiences setting up online shops. I expect to make a few design products, a little bit of money, and a lot of mistakes. But that's kind of the point—by honestly looking at what it takes to fit passion projects into busy schedules, I'm hoping to provide a bit of insight for the beginning of someone else's journey. 

You’ll never get anywhere if your ideas stay in your head, or in your sketchbook, or on your hard drive. You need to share your work with the world in order to grow as a designer. You need to put things out there, see what works, and move along. There is no “ready”. There is no “finished”. You gotta pitch and roll. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. 


Jennifer Kowalski